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My Pine Mountain I bought a Marin Pine Mountain back in 1996 at Mean Wheels Bike Shop, in Lennox, MA. I've been happy with this bike. It thrives, despite the beating that I give it. I'm not as good with hard technical terrain yet, although I try it alot (that translates to: I fall alot). My racing career hasn't been too long, and have I done all that well as far as placing in races but I've had a bunch of fun (racing and training), met some good people and gotten better. Last few summers I've lived in Pheonix, Arizona. While it's sunny, warm and happy out there, There is a definate lack of mud and grass. I have developed a new fondness for clay, dust, rocks and burning heat; but I miss my mud.

[Summer 1997] : During my Co-op at Intel I started racing. I started with Kick Ass at Los Burros, a small race run by the (now defunct) AMBC. It was incredibly fun. We started the race by setting our bikes on the start line, then dancing and chanting in a circle until the starter's pistol went off. This was a great time and a great introduction to the world of Mountain Bike Racing.
I don't have this
up yet but it will be in a few days [Summer 1998] : I raced in the MBAA/NORBA Arizona State Finals. I had this photo taken during the race. The blood on my knee (the first thing my mother noticed) is a result of a starting line fall. I was doing a track stand and I had forgotten to lube my pedals so I fell over before the race even started. Oh yeah, if while you're looking at the picture close and you might happen to notice that thing on my chin (goatee) rest assured I've grown out of that stage. This was not a fun race for me. I usually catch only the end of the mountainbiking season out in Arizona because I come at the beginning of the summer. I was in particularly bad shape for this race, I'd been riding alot in Pheonix and wasn't expecting a ride up and down a ski slope. I bonked about two thirds of the way through the race and ending up losing my breakfast. I dnf'ed after that because I was on no shape to run the last loop again.
[June 1999] : This year I raced in the MBAA/NORBA Arizona State Finals for the second year(Race eight of the series). They were held in W illiams, AZ. I raced in the Beginner Class and did pretty well (I think). I had just moved out here for the summer and this was the first race I was able to go to (and the last race of the season out here). I have a local copy of the results for my race (n.b. I did edit this document to remove the broken links, the original is here) I also have a link to all of the races' results. This was a fun race. I did have qiute a big crash (it hurt me lot more than my bike, but I stll managed to finish respectfully.
There was a "Fat Tire Criterium" in the afternoon in town. that was pretty interesting and fun to race in. They made a s mall loop in town and people raced on pavement (most people had slicks).

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