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Kevin is born (this is where things start going downhill). His big brother Jim helps take care of him from the beginning.

Kevin goes to kindergarden. Finally, Kevin gets to ride the bus. His big brother Jim looks after him.

Kevin leaves the public school system for Melrose a small school run by nuns. He learns to fear yard sticks.

Kevin leaves Melrose and heads to the Wooster School. He starts gettng a ride to school by his brother in, the car Kevin would one day drive, the Dodge Aries-K.

Kevin buys a bike (a Cannondale R500). This is the beginning of Kevin's love of (addiction to) biking. He rides a cenutry (100 mile ride) with his father as support/fans (in the Minivan) stopping about every three miles and cheering/giving water as Kevin rolled by.

Kevin decides to go to RPI. He gets his first job, working at McDonalds. The night before he is going to go to Student Orientation he was heading home from Mcdonalds when he crashed the Aries K. The K-car isn't happy anymore. He goes back to riding a bike to get around.
RPI Flag
Kevin to goes RPI (that's where Jim went), joins Chi Phi (Jim's fraterniy), and still maintains a seperate identity from his brother. Jim and Kevin become pretty good friends (they seem to have a bit in common).

Kevin finishes freshman year. Goes home for the summer to work at Sony Theatres, in Danbury CT. He is given his grandfather's 1977 Cutlass Supreme (Jim gives him this car when Jim gets Mom's Buick Century).

Kevin's interest in Mountain Biking Grows and he buys a mountain bike (Marin Pine Mountain)

Kevin lands a co-op with Intel out in Phoenix, Arizona. He starts racing his mountain bike.

Kevin goes back out to intel. This time he drives the car he got from his father (a Dodge Caravan). While out there he buys a cyclocross bike (a Voodoo Wazoo).

Kevin goes out to intel again (that's three times for the math impaired).

Kevin starts off the new year with a new job, and a new company. He goes to work for General Electric. He starts off where the money is in GE Capital. We'll see where he goes from here.