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During the summer of 1998 I bought a VooDoo Wazoo. (Voodoo's steel cyclocross bike). I purchased this bike at RAGE Cycles, in Tempe Arizona. They are a great shop to buy a bike from. You can hear about this shop and others on my bike shop page. Wazoo - Frame
    only (my color) You can see it's beautiful shade of green in the frame-only picture to the right. Mine has a rigid fork unlike the lefthand picture but, the groupo is the same Wazoo - built up (I got a '97 frame and fork with the '98 groupo at a 25% off discount). This bike is incredible. I would reccomend buying a 'cross bike to anyone who rides road or mountain and would like to try the other, or anyone who has a mountain bike and a road bike and has some money kicking around. With a cross bike you can literally go from roads to trails, turning heads as you go.

[SUMMER 1998]: The other day, I rode out to one of my favorite spots to go mountain biking, South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona. On the way there I passed some pretentious roadies who skoffed at my fatter tires and unshaven legs. Then I rode down a piece of a trail (for those from the area it was the fire road from the parking lot to the Mormon Loop/National Trail Trailhead) passing some guys riding full suspension rigs (on a fire road) and they were turning their heads at my drop bars. Later after I stopped to take a drink and streach a bit (i.e. I was getting tired from sprinting past those mountain bikers and refused to admit so when I stopped I streached out), one of the guys I had passed on a mt. bike stopped and started asking me all sorts of questions about my cross bike. It was a very good day.
[SUMMER 1999]:6/30/99 The more I ride this bike the more I love it. I enjoy every ride on this bike. It allows me to plan my rides less and go out with a "Where do I want to go today"(please excuse the horribly over used Microsoft catch phrase) attitude. Two weekends ago I went out thinking I'd ride a paved multi-use trail around the Salt River Project. For those not in the Pheonix Area the Salt River Project is a dried up riverbed that Tempe Arizona decided to dam up, and fill with water to create a lake front in the middle of the desert (isn't technology a beautiful yet perverse thing?). They were in the process of filling the lake. I decided, on a whim, to go biking in the river bed that was getting filled. It's pretty cool to think that I've biked somewhere that no one will be able to bike. It's some thing cool to think about as I ride or drive over one of the bridges over the project. As I was saying this bike allows me to ride far on the road with out the hum of fat energy-sucking knobbies, and shoot off the road to play.

Crankset RaceFace RaceFace Crank 48/34 - 175/170mm
Bottom Bracket Shimano BB-UN52 68x110mm
Rear Derailleur Shimano XT RD-M739 SGS Cage
Front Derailleur Shimano 105 Road Bottom-Route
Cogset Shimano CS-HG70 11-30T 8-spd
Chain Taya TB700 110 Links
Brakes Shimano LX V-Brakes M600 with Adaptor
Shift Levers Shimano 105 STI Right & Left (Double)
Front Hub Real Sealed Bearing 32 Hole AL Axle
Rear Hub Shimano LX FH-M565 32 Hole, 8-spd
Front Rim Mavic CXP12 32 Hole Silver
Rear Rim Mavic CXP12 32 Hole Silver
Spokes / Nipples Wheelsmith 14/15g Brass Nipples, 3-Cross
Front Tire Ritchey Speedmax Cross 700 x 38c Wire Bead
Rear Tire Ritchey Speedmax Cross 700 x 38c Wire Bead
Handlbar Nitto Nitto 42mm w/ 25.4mm OD @ Clamp
Stem Ritchey Forged 1" Threadless
Bar Tape CO-Union Black Bar Rap
Aheadset Dia Compe Aheadset Al-2, 1" Black
Pedals Wellgo WPD-700 Red Clipless
Saddle WTB VL 293 Steel / Vinyl
Seatpost Titec DB Aluminum

Kevin J. O'Brien
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