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This section of my site lets people know what I'm doing with the site. It will show the latest stuff before it's finished and keep a running log of what I've done. This is a prototyping area, so don't expect a finished product. This area will change often and what I develop here will eventually find it's way into a permanent spot on my site.

S I T E   L O G
Date Changes Made
5/25/99 .After putting the site up on kjobrien.com finally started making changes again, Added the Webtrends Live counter. Hopefully Soon I'll be updating the site's information.
8/11/99 Switched wording of the Navigation bar. Added Weblog, by linking off of the Projects Stories page. Added Java revision date to more of the site. Put up new and improved Who am I page (found a home for the timeline there. Added picture page on to the friends page and eliminated the link to the old picture page from the Projects Stories page.
8/10/99 Added site log (haven't really found it a home). Started adding in Javascript Revision date, Because I've been neglecting the reision dates in the most recent updates of this site.

O P E N I N G   M E S S A G E S

Lately, I've been changing the message on the main page (home). These are the messages that I've had up there:

8/05/99-   I've just added on to the "My bikes" section. It now has a page for every bike and more info on each of them. I haven't finished off this section (as you'll be able to see if you follow a link to the bike shop page. I'm working on a little time line thing that I think will turn out pretty well. You can check it out (please realize it's still a work in progress).

6/24/99-   I'm currently out in Arizona working for Intel again. If you'd like to get in touch with me email is the best way. Here is my email adress at intel kevin.j.o'brien@intel.com Hope you're having a good summer. -kjo

(From when I first moved the site to frames)-Welcome, I'm still in transition from my old page to this new one. I still haven't adapted all of the old pages (so they'll work well with framespace) so if you're looking for something from the old site it'll be up for a while now.
With that said, enjoy and let me know if you find any mistakes or if you have some other comments. Hi. I've added something pretty cool my schedule is now available (thanks to Yahoo!).

Kevin J. O'Brien
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